The One Instant That Changed Everything

Three years ago, I was a car wreck that severely damaged my spine, and I was told I would never walk again. The drunk driver who hit me was never caught, and I was left with a long, hard road in front of me. I became bitter, depressed and lashed out at everyone around me. Most people began to avoid me, and quite honestly I don’t blame them. My life was ruined, and I wanted everyone else miserable too.

Meeting the Right Person at the Right Time

Physical therapy was painful, exhausting and just pissed me off every time I had to do it. I wasn’t making any progress, and I was no longer motivated. Then I met a new physical therapist that started about three months after my accident. The patience of this man was exceptional because I was so horrible to him that I am ashamed to think about it today. I finally began to talk to him and learned he was a yoga instructor. Then he decided he wanted to teach me yoga and use it in our sessions.

How Yoga and Meditation Changed my Life

The journey into yoga began with a few simple stretches I was able to do without using my legs. I started to feel my strength increase, and my anger was ebbing away. My motivation and resolve began to balloon inside of me, and I craved more. He also began to teach me the practice of meditation, the process of clearing my mind and becoming attuned to the environment around me. I didn’t like it at first, because it meant essentially being alone with myself. Over time, I began to learn more about myself, and determination set in. I would walk again, whatever it took and nothing would stop me.

The Long Road to a Miracle

Over the next few months, he taught me more about yoga exercises, and I began to love our sessions. Six months after my life-altering accident, this man challenged me to take six steps. I told him he was crazy, but he kept insisting. I decided to humor him and agreed; already knowing the outcome would be futile. As I got between the bars and pulled myself up, I felt a familiar feeling in my legs and looked at him in wonder. He smiled at me and nodded, to which I willed my legs to move. Lo and behold, I took six steps before needing to sit back down. He just smiled and laughed with me joining in.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

It has been over three years since that fateful car accident that forever changed my life. In those three years, I worked hard to be able to walk again thanks to the one person who believed in me. Not only is he my best friend, but we now own a yoga studio together, and I am happier now than ever before. Yoga and meditation brought me happiness, strength, and peace of mind.