Yoga Became My New Religion

Now before you go accusing me of blasphemy, allow me to explain. Religion has several definitions and one way it is defined as is “the pursuit or interest to which one ascribes supreme importance”. Before I began practising yoga, most of my life had been sedentary by choice. A good friend of mine encouraged me to go to a class with her, and I was hooked. The commitment, strength and sheer power of yoga were evident after just one type. Even more so after seeing how yoga had improved the lives of my friends.

What Exactly is Yoga?

Derived from Hindu practices, yoga is the practice of discipline through simple meditation, specific body poses and used for relaxation and health improvement. Yoga is defined as essentially the union of an individual with divine consciousness. What this means is through practice, training and meditation one is able to connect the mind, body, and spirit in balance and harmony. Not only will this affect your body, but also your life in general.

Changing Priorities to Practice Yoga

I was tired of sitting at home doing nothing all day, every day. My first yoga class lit a fire under me and motivated me to not only commit myself to the practice but also change my priorities in life to be more healthy and active. I felt more productive, alive and stronger than ever before in my life. Yoga became my new lifestyle, and the improvements became apparent in my career, relationships as well as my self-esteem. I felt better not only about myself but also about my life and my improved state of mind.

How Does Yoga Become Religion?

Religion is the practice of faith, study, commitment, and teaching. I committed myself to this healthy practice by going to classes every week, studying the history spanning centuries and began teaching my friends who showed interest. In classes, we were all like-minded individuals achieving a higher state of being through meditation and strength. We support one another and grow together like most religions all around the world. It’s no different than a congregation meeting once or twice a week for study and worship.

Yoga Changed my Life for the Better

I saw improvements in all aspects of my life with the practice of yoga. My overall health improved as my strength, endurance and flexibility increased. I was losing weight all over my body and becoming more toned. I was able to lift and move things I had never been able to. My thinking and focus were streamlined and controlled, allowing me to better myself in professional and personal aspects. My friends who I had been teaching began to see the same patterns emerge in their lives.

For the first time in my life, I felt in control of my body and mind, and my spirit lifted and whole. No longer was I living a standstill lifestyle, instead I was active, thriving and excited for each new day to come.